Public Liability Claims

This type of claim covers any and all types of injury not covered under the road or workers compensation accident systems.

Examples include:

1. Slips, Trips, Stumbles and Falls in retail outlets and supermarkets
2. Playground accidents
3. Sporting activity accidents
4. Dog Bites
5. Accidents on Public Property
6. Boat accidents
7. Residential Accidents
8. Plane accidents
9. Schoolyard accidents
10. Bike accidents

The full compensation value of each claim will vary from case to case as will the strength of the case or prospects of success.

In all of these cases, it is necessary to show that the injury occurred as a result of a breach of duty of care, and this requires the assistance of dedicated legal experts. Once we commence a claim for you, we will ensure that your claim is finalised quickly for the best possible outcome and a very reasonable fee.

Strict time limits apply to lodging or commencing these claims and we would be delighted to provide you some initial advice at no obligation and at no cost as part of our free case assessment for all new clients.

  • No Win – No Fee
  • Senior Lawyer acting for you from start to finish
  • Very competitive hourly rates
  • 30% cap on professional fees
  • Pay Less Get More policy

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been injured in any of the following circumstances due to a breach of duty of care or negligence:

  • Slips, Trips, Stumbles and Falls in retail outlets and supermarkets
  • Playground accidents
  • Sporting activity accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Accidents on Public Property
  • Boat accidents
  • Residential Accidents
  • Plane accidents
  • Schoolyard accidents
  • Bike accidents

As long as your fall was caused by someone else’s negligence, yes. Examples include slipping on a substance on the floor of a shopping centre and injuries caused by defects in footpaths caused by recent roadworks. In fact any kind of injury caused not just by falls but by the negligence of others will attract compensation. Boating accidents, playground injuries, dog attacks and even negligent medical treatment all fall within this category. Each case requires a careful review by an expert lawyer to assess whether a claim can be made. VB lawyers will do this for you up front at no cost without any commitment required from you. If we think you can bring a claim we will make a proposal to you for you to consider.

If you are living in a rental property and the cause of your fall was a defect that the landlord is responsible for, yes. We have successfully brought many such claims in the past. Will my claim be covered by insurance? In the vast majority of cases there will be insurance to cover your claim. If in the rare instance there is no insurance to cover your claim we will consider the situation and advise you if it is worthwhile to continue the claim or not. If we advise you not to continue the claim any further there will be no cost to you whatsoever.

In the vast majority of cases there will be insurance to cover your claim. If in the rare instance there is no insurance to cover your claim we will consider the situation and advise you if it is worthwhile to continue the claim or not. If we advise you not to continue the claim any further there will be no cost to you whatsoever.

Not initially, and perhaps not at all. The claim is subject to a mandatory “pre-court” process that is designed to try and resolve claims before court proceedings are necessary. This process is commenced by delivering a claim form to the negligent or responsible party, followed by the provision of medical evidence in support of the claim and, once your injuries are stable enough, an assessment of damages and offer to settle. We will handle this entire process. Once that is completed the parties and their legal representatives are required to attend a settlement conference to see if an agreement can be reached. Only if that conference is unsuccessful in resolving the matter can a court claim be commenced. The commencement of a claim in court does not mean that the matter will proceed to a hearing infront of a judge. There may be many more opportunities to negotiate a settlement before that occurs. We will guide you through the court process and ensure your matter is resolved at the earliest opportunity.

Yes time limits apply. If we are retained to act for you we will ensure that all time limits are complied with by preparing and lodging any and all claim forms and making sure court proceedings are commenced and on time, but here is a brief summary of the relevant time limits: There is a 9 month time limit from the date of the accident to submit the “pre-court” Claim Form with the negligent or “at fault” party or 1 month from the date you engage a lawyer to act for you in the claim, whichever is the earlier. If you retain us, we will prepare and lodge the claim for you and at no obligation. In the event that you make a full recovery from your injuries within a few months of the accident and the claim is not economically viable to proceed with legal representation, we will not charge you anything for the professional time we have spent meeting with you, preparing and lodging the claim.

We provide this service to our clients to immediately remove any concerns or stress about seeking legal advice early and with respect to legal costs. We strongly recommend that you get early legal advice regarding your rights and to ensure that any and all claim forms are prepared accurately and lodged promptly and to provide a legal buffer between you and the insurer. The benefit of engaging an expert personal injury lawyer to look after you and your claim is that it immediately becomes the responsibility of your lawyer to take care of the time limits and to make sure the documents are lodged or filed on time. There is a three year time limit from the date of injury to commence court proceedings if you have suffered personal injuries from an accident. If court proceedings are not commenced within three years of the date of accident/injury, your right to commence or pursue a compensation claim or claim for damages will be lost forever. Commencing court proceedings is only ever necessary if we have been able to resolve or settle your claim at the initial settlement conference which is called the compulsory conference. Many cases but not all claims settle at the compulsory conference. We are even able to resolve some cases before the compulsory conference. Approximately 99% of all of the cases John and Greg have taken on over the past 45 years of combined legal practice has been able to be settled or resolved out of court or prior to trial. If you retain John, Greg & Sean from vbr Lawyers regarding your personal injury claim, the responsibility of lodging the claim on time and before the time limit expires immediately becomes our responsibility.

Assuming we can establish the other party owed you a duty of care and was negligent, and when all of your injuries have settled down and stabilised, we can seek and recover for you monetary compensation for the following:-

(a) Pain and Suffering;

(b) Loss of Wages or Income;

(c) Future Loss of Wages or Income;

(d) Past and Future Loss of Superannuation Benefits;

(e) Out of Pocket Expenses;

(f) Past and Future Medical Treatment Costs;

(g) In some cases, Past and Future domestic Care and Assistance;

(h) In some cases, a healthy contribution towards your legal costs which at vbr Lawyers will equate to at least 50% of your total legal bill being paid by the insurer.

Yes. Only a minority of the claims we make involve claims for people who have been forever prevented from working by accident related injuries. Most claims we make involve are for people who are still working, but with some problems. Valuable compensation is recoverable in that situation, on the basis that the capacity for work might not be the same as it once was. In any case the best thing to do is to notify the claim as soon as possible. If it turns out you are completely symptom free and the claim does not proceed, you will owe nothing to us or anyone else.

We strongly recommend that you seek legal advice and as soon as possible because the moment you have been injured in an accident, you have a potential claim. Your potential claim and the value of the claim will be determined by the law and legislation. Accordingly, you should get proper legal advice and we are happy to provide it to you and at no obligation. An expert in personal injury law will be able to promptly advise you of your rights, the claim process, what needs to be done and when and answer any and all questions you might have about your rights, how to run and win the case, advise on whether the case can be won and, if so, how long it might take to complete and the likely full value of the claim. In our experience people who are self represented achieve significantly inferior “in hand” outcomes even taking the payment of legal costs into account.

If the value of your claim is very small, we will advise you. If the value of the claim is so small that the legal costs would eat into or erode the value of the claim, we will advise you of this and as early as possible. As our overheads [or the cost of running our firm] is so much lower or smaller than some firms like Shine Lawyers, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers or Slater & Gordon Lawyers to name a few, we are often able to assist clients with lower or smaller value claims that big firms simply cannot take on due to their higher costs and fees. If the value of your claim is moderately sized or if it is a significant claim, you also will be very pleasantly surprised and relieved about our fee structure and fee policy as compared with the larger firms. We guarantee it.

Based on our collective 45 year experience in running and resolving this type of claim it usually takes 6 to 18 months for your claim to resolve from the date of the accident. We will explain the likely legal fees upfront and from day one. We provide industry leading transparency regarding our fee structure and fee policy. No matter what happens or at what stage your case settles, the professional costs will not under any circumstances exceed 30% of the value of the claim.

Example: If your case settles for $100,000.00 clear of any and all statutory refunds and legal disbursements/expenses, we will not charge more than $30,000.00 for professional costs.

Even if we had incurred say $50,000.00 worth of professional costs to achieve the settlement and to win the case, your bill for our professional costs will not exceed $30,000.00. Using the same example, if we incurred only $15,000.00 worth of professional costs to achieve the settlement, you would of course be charged $15,000.00, not $30,000.00. Compare vbr Lawyers to the bigger personal injury law firms and how they charge:-

When compared to other firms such as Shine Lawyers, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and Slater and Gordon Lawyers, you will find that if you retain John, Sean or Greg from vbr Lawyers:-

(a) Your legal bill will be lower or a lot lower and by at least 20% to 35%;

(b) Your case will be handled by a Senior Lawyer from start to finish;

(c) Unlike the large firms with big overheads and TV campaigns, your case will not be delegated or handed to a secretary, law clerk, paralegal or junior lawyer. Your case will be handled by a very experienced and senior lawyer at all times.

Yes. We offer our services to our clients on a “No Win – No Fee” basis. At vbr Lawyers, our No Win – No fee policy is this:-

(a) You will only ever pay legal fees for the work we do at the end of your claim and if and only if you win;

(b) We will fund and run the case for you and the legal costs will come out of your settlement monies which are paid by the insurer;

(c) In the very, very unlikely event that your claim goes to court and in the even more unlikely event that a trial is required and you lose, you would still pay us nothing but you are likely to be ordered by the court to pay the other side’s legal costs.

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Karen Lilley (Tilly)
Karen Lilley (Tilly)
04:11 12 Mar 21
Nice secure office & friendly staff.
Jaons Vi
Jaons Vi
05:30 20 Jan 21
I’m very pleased with the vbr team on the Gold Coast. Beth and her team did an excellent job getting all my... insurances sorted out for me. Fast and prompt and professional service from start to finish.Would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs help with a workplace injury or TPD.Thank you very muchread more
Brad Alexander
Brad Alexander
11:25 25 Nov 20
Greg, Emma and the team did a fantastic job, very professional & thorough. They were happy to explain each stage of the... process and break down the jargon. I would highly recommend the team at VBR more
Caroline Neves da costa
Caroline Neves da costa
12:55 08 Oct 20
I can not recommend Beth and the rest of the team at VBR Lawyers enough. They showed authentic care for me and made me... feel comfortable at all more
adam thomas
adam thomas
19:52 03 Sep 20
Very professional team went above and beyond would highly recommend them to anyone who needs an injury lawyer!!!
William Crick
William Crick
12:32 08 Jul 20
I highly recommend Greg and the team from vbr lawyers, for the great professional and personal service, they went above... and beyond all expectationsWill definitely use them the next time they’re neededread more
Cath Beavis
Cath Beavis
23:13 16 Jun 20
A very smooth process - a big thank you to Zach, Beth and the team. Very professional service and I would highly... recommend vbr lawyersread more
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William priest
04:50 29 May 20
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Kate Barrell
Kate Barrell
23:42 19 Mar 20
I can’t speak highly enough of Zach and the team at VBR. They took on my case after another law firm stuffed it up,... and I had been turned away by other firms as a result. They were professional, caring and supportive throughout, keeping me up to date the entire journey. They achieved a result that far exceeded our expectations. These guys care about what is ‘right’. They put their heart and soul into it for me. Completely grateful to have them on my side. .I thoroughly recommend more
Michael Amadio
Michael Amadio
06:29 14 Nov 19
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